Unknown persons left a message on the website of the recently hacked Livecoin exchange demanding a ransom in bitcoins.

“Nice Livecoin attempt. But no… You have two days left,” the message says.

There is also a bitcoin address to which you want to transfer the cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, one unconfirmed transaction in the amount of 0.00004512 BTC has been sent to it.

Recall that on December 24, the price of bitcoin on the Livecoin exchange jumped to several hundred thousand dollars, and the withdrawal of funds from the platform became unavailable.

At the same time, Director Svetlana Geller deleted her Telegram account. Users assumed that the founders of the platform made an exit scam.

Later, a message appeared on the main page of the site that a “carefully planned attack” was carried out on the exchange, and the administration completely lost control over the servers, backend and nodes.