As a result of the attack on the MultiStables repository, an unknown person withdrew $6 million in DAI and USDC stablecoins from the Value DeFi project. He used an instant loan. Akropolis, Cheese Bank and warp DeFi projects have faced similar attacks this Experts believe that hackers will continue to use instant loans to hack DeFi projects in the future.

The developers suggested that the hacker keep the coins worth $ 1 million and return the rest. The attacker ignored the offer, but partially compensated the losses to users.

For example, a hacker returned 50,000 DAI to a nurse who claimed that she had lost all her savings.

Hacked Eterbase (damage — $5.3 million)

In early September, hackers broke into the Slovak cryptocurrency exchange Eterbase. The platform announced the loss of user funds in bitcoins, Ethereum, Tron, XRP, Tezos and Algorand in the amount of more than $5.3 million.

Hackers transferred most of the funds to Binance, Huobi and HitBTC.

Bitcoin wallets under threat — attack on Cashaa (damage — $3.1 million)

One of the bitcoin wallets of the operator of the cryptocurrency exchange Cashaa was hacked in July. The hacker withdrew 336 BTC. At the time of the hack, the damage was estimated at $3.1 million, which by December 2020 is equivalent to more than $7.5 million.


This is not a complete list of hacker attacks that occurred in 2020 aimed at the cryptocurrency industry.

In February, the Altsbit cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. And although the indicated amount of damage seems relatively small ($ 285,000), the exchange was forced to close.

In the summer, the DeFi projects Balancer and Opyn were hacked. Hackers also attacked cryptocurrency platforms hosted by GoDaddy, stole 1,400 BTC from an investor using an old version of the Electrum wallet and, according to media reports, hacked 2,000 accounts of the Robinhood cryptocurrency-friendly platform.

The attackers actively traded user data — at the end of the year, the information of one million users of Ledger bitcoin wallets became publicly available. Before that, hackers and its users were subjected to a phishing attack.

Will cybercriminals intensify attacks on the cryptocurrency industry in 2021? Experts believe that yes.

However, leading cryptocurrency projects do not wait for hacks humbly — they devote more and more time to their security systems, and experts issue reports and recommendations on methods of protection and counteraction.

As a result, a large market share will be taken by those companies that prioritize the security of users’ funds and data.